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Build Better Lives With CliftonStrengths for Students

Students expect their education to be worth the investment. Help them build the lives they want by creating an engaged campus community that supports the best of every individual.

Use a Strengths-Based Approach for Measurable Success

Gallup's education experts have the data and advice to help your school build the framework for a sustainable, outcome-driven CliftonStrengths for Students initiative that will create an educational environment where students, educators and staff thrive.

Schools that build a strategy around strengths see measurable positive outcomes in:

  • student, educator and alumni engagement
  • retention
  • wellbeing
  • academic achievement

Learn more about how CliftonStrengths for Students can be integrated into your campus culture to support students in overcoming challenges, achieving goals and moving toward a purpose that will leave them fulfilled and thriving for the rest of their lives.

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Develop the People Who Develop Your Students

Retaining and engaging your students depends on the success and engagement of your faculty, staff and leaders. Learn how CliftonStrengths for Students can be the foundation to build a life-changing educational experience.

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Educators Course

CliftonStrengths for Students Campus Champions

Promote better wellbeing and greater engagement for your campus. Learn how by attending this course.

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Engaged, thriving schools begin with educators.

When educators learn their strengths, they strengthen school communities.

  • CliftonStrengths for Students is for college and pre-college institutions.
  • Employees at any level are more engaged and better equipped to help students prepare for college or the workforce when they know and apply their CliftonStrengths.
  • Our best-practice partners at the college level include VPs of academic affairs, department heads, advisers, deans and their teams.
  • Our best-practice partners for pre-college include superintendents, HR leaders, principals, counselors and their teams.
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Transform Your Campus With a Strengths-Based Strategy

With expert advice, premium technology, and learning and development offerings, Gallup can help you craft a custom solution to bring the power of CliftonStrengths for Students to your students.


Expert Advice

Create a strategy that works for your school with the research, advice and tested best practices of our coaches and consultants.

Premium Technology

Spend less time on the logistics and more time seeing results with our easy-to-use online platform for managing CliftonStrengths for Students for your entire school.

Educator Development

Use our wide variety of course offerings to support the learning and development of the teachers, staff, administrators and others who guide student success.

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Focus on What's Strong

Contact a Gallup expert to learn more about how we can partner with you to build an engaged and thriving campus.


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