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How to Purchase a Group Code

How to Purchase a Group Code

You can purchase a group of CliftonStrengths for Students access codes (previously known as StrengthsQuest codes) online through the Gallup Store. Students, educators and staff members can use these codes.

Instructions for Ordering Group Codes Online

  1. When purchasing online, please select the option that indicates that you are buying for an institution or group.
  2. After you complete the checkout process, enter your Business Unit Identification (BUID) information and assign your code groups.
    If you already have a group of codes or a BUID number, you can add your new codes to that group by entering the BUID number. Or, you can create a new group of codes and give that group a name. We suggest using the college name and department or area where they are being used.
  3. Once you receive your codes by email, you can request to be given administrator access to that BUID. Your administrator access allows you to view the block of codes and see which codes have been used and which remain unused. You can also review who has completed the assessment and pull reports for those who have completed it.
  4. To receive administrator access, please contact and provide the following information:
    • your name and title
    • the username that you use to sign in to
    • your institution's BUID name and number (found on your receipt)

If you have questions about your groups or getting administrative access, please contact us.

Payment Methods

Please note that our e-commerce platform is unable to accept payment by check. View the full list of accepted currencies and payment methods here.

Credit card payments are the fastest way to receive your items if you need them immediately.

Wire Transfer

We offer wire transfer as a purchase option for U.S.-based customers. This payment option allows you to reference a purchase order number. Please note, by choosing this payment option, your items will not be available until funds have been received.

Apply for a Line of Credit

If you want to receive your items before we receive your payment, you can apply for a line of credit (available only for orders of $250 or more).

To apply for a line of credit, during the checkout process, click the link to apply for a business line of credit on the payment options screen. This process takes three to five business days for review.

Once approved, you can return to your account, enter your purchase order number and complete your purchase.

Tax-Exempt Information

If your organization is tax exempt and has not made a purchase with us before, or if your organization had submitted tax-exempt information when purchasing on or previously, you will need to submit your tax-exempt information.

For your first purchase on the Gallup Store, you'll still be able to complete your order without being approved.
  1. During the checkout process, you will see the option: "Click here if you're making a tax-exempt purchase."
  2. Click the link and complete the corresponding form. You will be asked to upload your tax-exempt certificate.
  3. Once you have submitted the form, the applicable tax will immediately be removed from your order.
  4. You'll be notified on your Gallup account in one to three business days if you've been approved or if more information is needed.
  5. Once you're approved, you won't have to enter this information again for future purchases.


If you have any questions about payment options, contact the Gallup Store.