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Learn to discover and develop your CliftonStrengths in academics, career and beyond.

StrengthsQuest is Gallup's groundbreaking 2002 book that has helped generations of college students and learners of all ages discover and understand their talents.

Written by Don Clifton, the Father of Strengths Psychology and Inventor of CliftonStrengths, and Edward "Chip" Anderson, StrengthsQuest helps students make the most of what they naturally do best.

College students, in particular, are at a critical phase in life. They are discovering who they are and their place in the world. They want meaningful experiences and relationships.

Often, students have never even considered what they are naturally good at -- or the possibility of using their innate talents in every aspect of their lives.

With StrengthsQuest, students get an access code to complete the CliftonStrengths online talent assessment.

Empowered by their personalized assessment results and the book's advice, students use StrengthsQuest to discover and develop their unique blend of talents to achieve academic, career and personal excellence.

StrengthsQuest book

"We grow and develop most when we are working on and working with our talents and strengths. Our greatest potential for growth toward excellence is found in our talents and strengths."

- From StrengthsQuest

StrengthsQuest challenges students to apply their talents for success not only in school, but on projects, with teams and in leadership.

The book can help students:

  • discover their talents and gain self-confidence
  • learn how to maximize their top five strengths using specific action steps
  • plan their educational path that will best build their talents into strengths
  • understand what success means to them

StrengthsQuest includes one access code to take the CliftonStrengths online talent assessment.

After taking the assessment, students will receive a number of personalized reports, including:

  • Signature Themes Report, detailing their top five CliftonStrengths themes of talent
  • Strengths Insight and Action-Planning Guide, including highly customized descriptions of exactly how their Signature Themes appear in their daily life plus instructions for using their CliftonStrengths to succeed
  • Strengths Insight Report, featuring brief overall definitions and personalized descriptions for each of their top five themes
  • A digital copy of StrengthsQuest

Gallup has partnered with over 600 college campuses to create strengths-based programs.

The best strengths-based colleges:

  • incorporate StrengthsQuest into first-year programs
  • include StrengthsQuest as part of the classroom curriculum
  • build successful teams and projects using CliftonStrengths
  • use StrengthsQuest in professional development programs

Develop Engaged & Thriving Students Using CliftonStrengths for Students.

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